The importance of a good mug


A perfect mug is truly a tiny treasure. Finding the right mug can be such a celebration, and we would know, the quest for the perfect mug has been a lifelong pursuit of ours. It may seem trivial that such a small piece of pottery can mean so much to us, but there’s nothing like a hot beverage in your favourite mug to make the world seem a little kinder. A cup of tea/coffee/whatever gets you going is one of life’s little luxuries, one that we can indulge in daily (even when we’re eating beans out of the tin). 

We’ve all become quite the pros at knowing exactly what we want to drink (personally we struggle to mentally/physically function without that first cup), but we’ve noticed that a small amount of attention is given to what we are drinking out of. Paper cups, freebie mugs, hand-me-down mugs, reject mugs… eurgh! It is blasphemy to drink from a bad mug! It would be so much more enjoyable to drink from an individual mug special to you. Why would you want to ruin that beautiful beverage you just so lovingly made with that boring mug from that 16 piece dinner set you’re not overly keen on? You should enjoy your hot brew from a great mug and settle for nothing else.

Mugs are one of the most personal things in the kitchen. Unlike a plate or a fork, it can truly reflect something about you. It’s the piece we spend most time with day to day, and yet, when we looked in our cupboards, we found a family of mismatched part-loved mugs that didn’t quite cut the mustard. Don’t get us wrong, we love mismatched mugs (the more mismatched the better) and have quite the collection, but we didn’t have one mug that embodied all our favourite things about those mugs. We had been drinking out of mugs of all shapes, sizes and colours, and none did its contents the justice they really deserved. So when we decided to make the perfect mug ourselves, we wrote down all the aspects we enjoyed from each one of our part loved mugs, drew it out on a piece of paper and made it. Then voila – the Qtique mug was born! Born out of a love of tea and a quest to find the perfect mug to put it in. 

What makes a good mug is up to you – is it the artwork on it? The shape? The size? The colour? The weight? These are very personal decisions, but we truly feel like we’ve kind of got the general idea of what ticks your boxes.

A good mug should fit like a glove and fit right in your hands. The handle should be comfortable and big enough so all of your fingers are able to get though, with a place for your thumb to sit. It should be solid and thick so it doesn’t burn your hands, and so that it can retain the heat of the beverage. It should have a slightly wider, sturdy base so it doesn’t easily topple over. It should be resilient to use and not easily breakable (mourning your favourite mug is something no one should have to go through). A mug worth keeping should have something wonderful on it, it should reflect something about you in some small way. We’re rather proud to say that our mugs truly do everything that makes a mug good - it’s exactly how we designed them to be. We love how a worthy mug can make a cup of tea or coffee taste great, and we hope you agree that the Qtique mug does whatever delicious thing you decide to make justice.

Happy drinking to all of those who are passionate about what they drink from!

Q x