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#fatfriday review / White Chocolate Brownie @ Hobbs House Bakery

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A cup of tea is great, but a cup of tea with a naughty yummy treat is just marvellous. Given that, and the fact that every Friday legally (sort of) all humans are allowed to consume naughty yummy treats with no guilt, I am going to start #fatfriday. Armed with my cup of tea, on Fridays I am going to share my painful, difficult journey of consuming and “reviewing” naughty yummy treats wherever I may be, and I’d love to see what you guys are scoffing down too.

“Naughty yummy treat critic?” I hear you laugh, well, fyi, I am indeed the biggest sugar-and-fat-fuelled-goods snob going *and* I have the thighs to prove it. I’ve shared many an awkward moment with long suffering friends who have had to witness the breakdowns I have when faced with a dry or even stale goody. Moistness will be the most important thing I will be looking for in my research. 

With that said, I present to you my first weeks findings and I thought I’d start with a gooden – the brownie porn above is what I ate this afternoon. 


Naughty yummy treat: White Chocolate Brownie.

From: Hobbs House Bakery, Nailsworth.

Price: £2.50 (takeaway).

Portion size: When picking it I thought it could be a little bigger, but I ended up pacing myself towards the end.

Sickliness: Good, I reached that fine line between queasy and satisfied.

Moistness: So pudgy I died in happy pudgy heaven.

Rating: 4.5/5

Notes: I am not a massive fan of white chocolate, but somehow white chocolate chunks in a gooey chocolate brownie works wonders. This is the kind of brownie I shall daydream about for evermore. If you're not a Cotswold resident, you can still experience this delight by having a go at their standard brownie recipe here


I’d love to know what naughtiness you’ve had this Friday, and if you're not ashamed to tell, then tag me with @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday so I can see what you have been accompanying with your brew!

 K x