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#fatfriday review / Cherry Topped Giant Cupcake @ Waitrose

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So I was browsing Waitrose’s bakery counter (where the fresher stuff is) for inspo for #fatfriday and I honestly couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw two big birthday cakes both reduced to £2.99. I mean, omg. Obviously they were at the end of their optimum moistness lives, but I just couldn’t leave an entire birthday cake there for someone else to enjoy (I jest, I jest. I left one of the cakes). 

I picked this one, the Cherry Topped Giant Cupcake, which seems to be encased in enough buttercream that should mask any potential dry cakeness. The cake is pretty large and heavy, it is all very impressive – apart from the cherry that sits on top, which looks really quite hideous (cropped out from image for maximum eye appeal). It is a simple madeira sponge with *a lot* of icing – buttercream in the middle, vanilla frosting on top (which I honestly thought was buttercream) *and* sugar paste around the bottom. The sugar addict in my heart was rejoicing. Consumption notes are below.


Naughty yummy treat: Cherry Topped Giant Cupcake.

From: Waitrose (bakery counter).

Price: £2.99 (normally £18, but apparently £25 when you buy online – I think for the extra £7 you can get your name on it, and some jam - mine was missing jam).

Portion size: Rather ginormous, although it is a cake you’d buy for an actual birthday or celebration (for like 20 people), and not because you have portion control issues.

Sickliness: One slice defeated me, it was very sweet. It also defeated the fellow fatty in the house (it is only the morning however, we still have the rest of the day to conquer it).

Moistness: Ok, seeing as it probably wasn’t fresh in the slightest, it had retained a very good level of moistness and it was not horrible and dry (probably achieved by a party of happy additives).

Rating: 3.5/5. 

Notes: Gosh, this cake sugar on crack, those three different icings really do something to your head. I actually think the only feasible way I can finish this cake off (which I will have to out of principle) is to pop the top bit off (not a massive fan of the vanilla frosting) and eat the bottom part with the buttercream and sugar paste. This will obviously make a whole world of difference. But all in all, this is a decent supermarket celebration cake – it would be great for kids (especially ones you don’t have to deal with after the sugar high hits).


If you’ve had a naughty yummy treat worth sharing, holla at me via social media with @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday. 

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