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#fatfriday review / Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Cookies @ Sainsbury’s

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I *love* cookies, like over the top love them. They make me giddy at the knees but can also send me into a rage when they’re rubbish. Ben’s Cookies make a banging cookie, but sometimes they overcook those poor darlings and they are just not the cookie they could have been. Sainsbury’s do the best supermarket alternative, but they too have been victim to burning them to a crisp. What I find is that it all depends on the cookie maker of the day, and if they have a firm policy on cooking all the rawness out of the dough (or they just don’t care about their very important role in that cookies life), then there is no point me even attempting to buy one. They’re cookies for goodness sake, not biscuits! I frequently check Ben’s and Sainsbo’s to see if they have mastered it that day, and by gosh, when they do, I buy as many as I can and don’t eat anything else but those cookies till I’m in a splendid cookie coma. And today I hit the jackpot, I found (and squeezed) the perfect bag of cookies for #fatfriday and I couldn’t be happier.


Naughty yummy treat: Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Cookies.

From: Sainsbury’s (Taste the Difference).

Price: £1.50 for 4. 

Portion size: Good. 

Sickliness: They are quite sweet, but I can most definitely pace myself to eat this bag today (based on previous experience).

Moistness: They are just right; not overcooked, nor are they undercooked.   

Rating: 5/5. 

Notes: These cookies are just wonderful when baked right. They are gooey and stodgy at the same time, and the salted caramel and milk chocolate pieces in them are divine - I am obsessed with salted caramels and salted chocolate anyway, so putting both together in a glorious cookie makes me nearly pass out with delight. If you fancy getting yourself a bag, make sure you check they are not overcooked by checking they are sand in colour, and *not* orange all over, they should have a tinge of orange at the edges and that's it. Then feel them up – give them a gentle squeeze and if your fingers aren’t sinking into them nicely then put that bag down and walk away. These cookies are not worth the extra couple of pounds you will gain if they are not in their optimum state.

Side note: I personally feel that the Taste the Difference range of cookies are better than Sainsbury’s standard range (these ones and the Milk Chocolate are personal faves), but I’d happily take a bag of the standard Oatmeal and Raisin’s if they were super soft.


If you know of any of the great cookies of the world, please share your sacred knowledge with me @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday. 

K x