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#fatfriday review / Oreo Brownie Cupcake @ Nom Nom Cupcakery

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Ooo man I do love #fatfriday. This week has been a week of misery (mood/health/weather) and I had this horrible feeling that whatever I bought to review for today I would be disappointed with (ever the pessimist). But by golly I was wrong. This little beast of a gem has been like a ray of much needed joy.


Naughty yummy treat: Oreo Brownie Cupcake.

From: Nom Nom Cupcakery, Nailsworth.

Price: £1.80, for one. 

Portion size: A little smaller than some of the other cupcakes I have had in my time, so I just bought 2 because I am fat like that.

Sickliness: No sickliness to report of.

Moistness: Urgh, so good. Stodge heaven.  

Rating: 5/5.

Notes: Holy moly, this Oreo Brownie Cupcake hybrid is just amazing. Honestly, to look at, he’s not really anything special, but once you bite into those layers, OMG. The bottom layer is purely Oreo biscuit, with a thick layer of brownie forming the rest of the cupcake (I cannot fault the brownie, it is beautifully dense and gooey). Then you have the most ginormous amount of crushed Oreo buttercream icing dolloped on top, which balances everything out weirdly very well. This is the first 5 out 5 I have given, and I am so glad I waited out till now otherwise I would have had to introduce another number.


If you’re being a chubster too this Friday, let me know @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday. 

K x