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#fatfriday review / Christmas Pudding Cupcake @ Waitrose

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Uh oh, Christmas is nearly here (6 days guys, *6* days!) and we are nearing that time of year when we cannot eat like beasts anymore. It will be a horrific time for all. Until then, lets use the rest of December to get as festively plump as possible (whilst it is still in season), especially as I can imagine for a some of you lucky folks it is your last Friday at work this year and will definitely want to go all out on self-treating. I went particularly fat today, and am pretty happy with my pickings for #fatfriday - Waitrose bakery counter has had such a lovely selection of Yuletide goodies.


Naughty yummy treat: Christmas Pudding Cupcake. 

From: Waitrose (bakery counter). 

Price: £1.00.

Portion size: I mean it could be bigger, but as always, I just bought 2.

Sickliness: Never.

Moistness: Good cupcake moistness.  

Rating: 4/5. 

Notes: The cupcake is literally 1/3 chocolate buttercream, and for that reason alone it is a winner. Another winning reason is that it is rather cute, the whole presentation of the cupcake is just lovely (the swanky red foil case and the simple yet delightful decoration) – cupcakes have become so samey and mundane, but this little chap certainly caught my eye (so much so I used him on my homepage slides) and it tastes just as wonderful as it looks. Style and substance, hurrah!


Tag us so we can all see what you’ve been scoffing down this afternoon @qtiquestudios and #fatfriday. 

K x