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Bobble bobble bobble

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People who know me very well know that I am bit too passionate about bobble hats. It’s a bit lame, but after mugs, bobble hats are a weird obsession of mine. The bigger the bobble, the better. Every year, I trawl through all the offerings (high street, designer - *everything*) in search for the perfect one and buy whatever is on offer simply because it is a bobble hat. I think I have about 15-20 different variations of pretty much the same hat. However, never have I found The One. I came close a few years ago, but ever since it went a bit crappy due to the excessive wear, I’ve not really worn one on my head with the same pride.

Then, very randomly, I came across Brûlée Blur and I nearly fainted with delight. I contacted Sarah as she said she did commissions, and I gave her my specifications of The One. Sarah knitted the beast up and the most perfect bobble hat was born.

My wonderful bobble hat is made from completely natural fibres (which is most exciting for me, all my other ones have been cheap wool/synthetic mix variations), it’s 55% alpaca, 40% wool and 5% linen. Fancy. It’s the most gorgeous oatmeal/cream colour, and fits my head perfectly, it’s not too tight, which means it doesn’t leave those hideous post-bobble-hat-wearing-indents on my forehead. Also, quite importantly, it is handmade in England and we should all know by now how much that means to me – and it should to you (preach).

Have a look at Brûlée Blur knits here. I may have already convinced myself I need a chunky knit version too.

 K x