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Right back at the beginning of my mug making, I read a *lot* of entrepreneurial start-up books and felt slightly overwhelmed with the concept of being a real life business owner. It was watching small creative businesses grow and grow that gave me the confidence to do it myself, and one of them was The Cutlery Commission. I saw the little spoons go large, now being stocked on notonthehightstreet.com to Liberty’s and John Lewis too. I recently contacted the founder, the lovely Katie (Queen of Spoons), to say hello and a sort of thanks for being an inspiration. I was so thrilled that not only did she like my mugs, she also sent me my own little spoon.
The Cutlery Commission teaspoons are such wonderful presents that have an extra personal touch – I chose to have ‘you’re my cup of tea’ stamped onto mine (it seemed apt). I am (probably a little too) excited that I have my own very special mug *and* now my own very special spoon to accompany it. My once boring cuppa items are being replaced one by one with beautiful original bits that I love and look forward to using everyday.
Take a look at The Cutlery Commission’s range here, it’s marvellous. I also really enjoy that hopeful chaps have been proposing to their dolls via messages on a spoon - too sweet for words! 
K x