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#fatfriday review / Malt Disney Cupcake @ Flavourtown Bakery

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Firstly, Happy New Years to you all! 2014 was a huge year for me, finally launching Qtique and growing the company has been so wonderful and I thank everyone for their support so far. Lottie and I enjoyed a delightful Christmas with loved ones, it was a splendid end to the year.
Secondly, as it is the first Friday of 2015, and as I am beyond feeling fat (all the food seemed like such a good idea at the time), I couldn’t really see the harm in having just one more cupcake to celebrate. Especially as I was passing through Selfridges and remembered these little monsters lived there too…
Naughty yummy treat: Malt Disney Cupcake.
From: Flavourtown Bakery’s concession in Selfridges.
Price: £2.50.
Portion size: good.
Sickliness: it is sweet, but not sickly sweet.
Moistness: the cake part is dense, sort of midway between the texture of a moist cupcake and a gooey brownie.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: This cupcake is very yummy indeed, it tastes like a glorious fluffy Malteser. In more detail, it is a malt cake with a huge dollop of malted frosting, dipped in chocolate ganache, then topped with a sprinkle of honeycomb crumbles. Mmm-hmm. I thoroughly recommend. Flavourtown seemed to have nailed making cupcakes actually cool again (after they became cliché and dull), with premium ingredients and an amazing menu of flavours. I’m looking forward to trying the Salted Caramel and picking up Lottie a Pupcake next time we are at Spitalfield’s Market.
If you too are saying no to these ghastly New Years resolutions involving not eating “naughty” food and are being terrible with your willpower to restrain from sugar, share your #fatfriday pride with the hashtag and by tagging me @qtiquestudios.

 K x