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#fatfriday review / Salted Caramel Brownie @ Bad Brownie

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By pure coincidence, I happened to be in the Soho area this lunchtime and Bad Brownie happened to be there too. Even better, is that I had not eaten a brownie since 2014, and what more of perfect a way to start 2015 brownie consumption than having one of the best ever ever…
Naughty yummy treat: Salted Caramel Brownie.
Price: £3.50 per brownie.
Portion size: I bought two due to my inner piggy squealing, but luckily for my thighs I was defeated and my hungry baby bro got brownie no.2.
Sickliness: very rich.
Moistness: fudgy, goeey, yummy. mmm hmm.
Rating: 5/5
Notes: There are some things that are just not worth eating if they are not done properly. Brownies are one of them. Supermarkets are dreadful at them, most shops are too, all trying to flog these overbaked, stale old slabs of dry rubbish and it really is just most unacceptable. But oh em gee, when you get your hands on one of these Bad Brownie beasts, you’ll never bother buying a mediocre brownie again.
This brownie is divine. It is of a higher league, a royal brownie that should be eaten with respect. It is super rich, sticky and intense. The thick layer of salted caramel is sandwiched between two gloriously chocolatey gooey brownie slices, and the nuggets of caramel on top add a wonderful crunch. The sprayed edible gold on top is pretty fancy too. Oh, and it totally was awarded 'Best Brownie in London 2014' by The Chocolate Festival (I *must* find this festival). 
Holla at me @qtiquestudios with your #fatfriday goodies, although I'm pretty sure nothing can beat mine this week.
K x