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Valentine's online gift guide

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I've put together a little Valentine's day online gift guide for anyone who a), wants to buy their bae a decent gift this year, and b), cannot be bothered to remove themselves from their chair to do so. I've tried to keep it as British as possible, and have only picked things I know your Valentine would truly enjoy and love you even more for (maybe). Have a snoop...

/ Let's start with the boys...

Under £20:

I'm shameless, I know, but our mugs really do make the perfect gift for Valentine's day, especially for him. I designed them to be unisex, so both chaps and ladies could use them. You could buy one just for him, or you could treat yourself too so you both have your own personal mugs (scientifically proven to cause less territorial possessive mug arguments). Remember you can order an Ampersand mug to sit between them, the Heart mug is a popular choice too. 
I reviewed some of these bad boys recently on #fatfriday, and they are divine. You can choose between a Chef's Selection Box, or if you know what you like, you can get 24 bites of Salted Caramel (I personally recommend), Peanut Butter or Triple Chocolate. Mmm hmm. 

Under £50:

There is *nothing* more romantic than love pies. These little bundles of savoury joy are full to the brim with good proper cuts of free range British meat and veg, they've won awards and everything. Yum.
This will make your man smell beautiful, it's ultra-masculine and bold. 



(Parrot at Selfridges - Drone, £89.99)
Look, I know it's not particularly romantic, but neither are crap gifts. I don't get it myself, but I know for a fact that if I gave The Chap a drone for Valentine's Day, he would pass out (unfortunately I have not budgeted to be a Splurgosaurus this year). This Spider Minidrone is a good starter drone apparently *rolls eyes*.

/ Girl stuff... 

Under £20:

This is the world's smallest bottle of sparking wine, it really is very cute. Chill, pop it open and you can even serve with a straw. 
I'm in love with Lola Hoad's prints, they're charming and look so pretty rested up on a shelf. You can get custom lettering too. 

Under £50:

(Jo Malone - Candle, £40)
Guaranteed happy female. The Wild Fig & Cassis scent is my favourite. 
(Balenciaga at John Lewis - Perfume, from £47.50)
Buying a perfume as a gift when you're not really sure what to choose is tricky, I even find it hard and I tend to know what I am looking for. A safe choice is Balenciaga's Eau De Parfum, it's sought after, feminine and light. 


(Barnsley House, prices from £225 a night)
Being surprised with a weekend break on Valentine's day is unforgettable, and considering V-day falls on a Saturday this year it really would be silly not to book it up. As a female, I can guarantee you that an impromptu trip away will make you King of the Boyfriend's. Being a little biased, and just simply because I love the Cotswolds, I recommend booking a spa weekend away here for the both of you. You'll benefit from it too, what with all the massages and food, *and* interrupted time with just your darling. I recommend Barnsley House (rooms from £225), Ellenborough Park (rooms from £165) or Kings Head Hotel (rooms from £94).

/ Cards...

I'm not very good at being overly romantic and so avoid any card that makes my entire body cringe. I love Hazel Bee cards, they actually make me lol and are on the same level of how I show affection. For something a little brighter, BerinMade and Lucy Says I Do both make beautiful cards.

/ Proposal...

If you're feeling like you want to put a ring on it and are thinking of popping that rather large question, but you're not sure how, here are two unique proposal ideas...
Our mugs are a super unique way of proposing, simply fill them with something pretty (beautiful bunches of flowers are my personal favourite), line them up and let them do the talking for you. 
Chocolate and a proposal? Winner. These silver plated spoons are stamped with your own words and hidden under a thick layer of chocolate. Simply stir the spoon into warm milk to reveal and *surprise*! You could make it even more more personal with the initial of your bae on the mug
Go forth and be soppy, it's the one day of the year you're allowed (required) to.
K x