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RAVE Coffee Signature Blend review

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Instead of my usual #fatfriday of gobbling up treats, I decided it was time to up my coffee game and treated the Qtique studio to a proper coffee treat. Although it’s rather shameful to admit, we at Qtique don’t drink real coffee whilst we are working and instead have the instant stuff. For the lazy coffee snobs, we did actually get a Nespresso machine for a better instant coffee, but haven’t got round to reordering the capsules so have gone back to ye olde instant. Luckily, RAVE Coffee came to our rescue and sent us some of their wondrous Signature Blend to try and we made an appropriate tasting sesh of it.
Coincidentally, the four of us testing range in terms of coffee pro status – an absolute beginner (myself), a pro-beginner, everyday pro and also a real life coffee connoisseur. So, I got my never-to-be-used-before cafetière out of its box and set about making a proper brew. I popped the coffee in to steep for 4 minutes, frothed up some hot milk, plunged away and was ready to go.
Coffee treat: Signature blend (ground for cafetière).
Price: £4.20 for 250g.
Roast level: Medium.
Tasting notes: Caramel flavours with a hint of nuts.
Rating: average of 4.5/5


Taken: frothy milk & sugar
Rating: 5/5
Notes: The first thing that hit me was the most divine smell, even before I had opened it up I gave the packet a squidge and out of its little air vent came the most glorious chocolatey caramel smell. Honestly, I’ve never smelt coffee like it, and for a good 10 minutes I was just squidging and sniffing and making sure everyone got a whiff too. My coffee knowledge is pretty embarrassing (I’m at the very beginning of my proper coffee journey), but I can say that I prefer this coffee 100x more than instant. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it just tastes so much better and far more satisfying. It like one of those few standout times I’ve had a really good coffee in a coffee shop but I actually made it myself.


Taken: frothy milk & sugar
Rating: 4/5
Notes: “This coffee smells really good. Like really good. It has a pleasantly long lasting smooth flavour with hints of chocolate, caramel and nuts, with no horrible bitterness at all. I could happily drink this anytime of the day.”

Everyday pro

Taken: milk & sugar
Rating: 4.5/5
“These are really good tasting coffee beans. From the lovely fresh smell when opening, to the smooth aftertaste that could last for hours – this is the nicest coffee I’ve ever had at work. It is a medium to strong roast with intense flavor, and completely satisfying. I normally drink many, many cups of coffee to get my hit, but with this I would not need to drink by the bucket and can instead enjoy in shorter volumes. It tastes just like a good coffee shop, and I loved the long finish.”


Taken: black
Rating: 5/5
Notes: “Firstly, what a fantastic smell! It hits you even before drinking, which made making it even more enjoyable. It has a great chocolately aroma and is delightfully fragrant. Taste-wise, this blend is rich, fresh, smooth and clean, and well balanced in flavour. It’s delicious and I am pleasantly surprised that a coffee of this standard is such a good price. I would buy again and look forward to trying the other flavours too. What an excellent home brew!”
We had *the* most enjoyable coffee break, and are now committing to getting the cafetière out as much as possible. What a difference good coffee makes! The awesome guys at RAVE are looking to coax more of you lovely folk away from the jar, so are offering new customers* 15% off website orders, just use ‘QTIQUE’ at the checkout (* offer valid until 3rd June 2016 and only applies to customers who have not previously ordered from RAVE Coffee website).
K x