#fatfriday review / Royal Cookie @ Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

Oh my, a #fatfriday-less November has quickly passed by and I have truly let my greedy appetite down. In a sentence I will try to explain my terrible negligence (although I don’t think there really is any excuse not to pig out on a Friday and to help others in their quest for a suitable naughty yummy treat):
In short, I flew back to England for a couple of weeks to get Qtique ready for Christmas trading, spend time with the team in the London office of my new additional job (which I probably forgot to mention), start work on the full renovation of a wonderful little cottage we have just bought in the Cotwolds (which I also forgot to mention), organise and finalise the plans for our impending wedding (I definitely totally forgot to mention I got engaged), fly back to Boston to get through the busiest quarter in the history of the additional company I work for, paired with a very busy couple of months with Qtique, and also prepare the new exiting website Lauren and I are working on supporting British businesses that is launching next year (we revealed some sneak peak shots over on social media of our first campaign #TheCosyPrjoect).
So that was last month, a little bit stressful, a lot exciting - but like I said, there really is no excuse not to indulge and share a glorious #fatfriday.
Naughty yummy treat: Royal Cookie.
Price: $2.80.
Portion size: Super.
Sickliness: None.
Moistness: Surprisingly so.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: I have heard good things about the Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, and although I 100% did not feel like a coffee today, I did pick up a wonderful mint tea with my treat. There was not the biggest selection of goodies on offer at the counter, but upon asking for a recommendation, I was presented with ye Royal Cookie, which came with the promise of being “really nice”, “soft” (I asked obvs) and the recommender’s “favourite” thing on offer.
I’m not going to lie, it didn’t scream excitement. It looked kind of overcooked and crunchy, but I had got too far down the recommendation process to back out and pick something else. After transferring my yummy minty tea into Cute Muggsie back at my desk (which isn’t in its most organised state), I got to work on my cookie.
It was surprisingly soft, sweet and unbelievably tasty, packed full of cranberries and sunflower seeds and other yummy healthy things that I normally divert away from. Normally with a granola-esque goody, I do feel kind of like I have been robbed. They’re always full of sugar and hidden calories, and yet never really taste that great, and I’m left wondering if I would have been far better off eating a pack of Oreo’s. This cookie was in no way claiming to be healthy and was a truly pleasant scrumptious surprise.
K x

Katrina Ives
Katrina Ives


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